Allure Photography

Your wedding is about one thing celebrating the love and commitment between you and your partner

with the love and support of your friends and family. It can be quite an emotional day! 

As my clients you will receive images that fill your heart with joy and pride as they will remind you

of the people in your life that you share a deep connection with 

You will feel incredibly loved and thankful for those people and those moments each and every time you look at your photos


Scroll down to see what images of your special day could be like

A sweet embrace from the flower girl

The Brides sister made her a beautiful scrap book ,the bridesmaids loved it

The brides mother & sister help her with the final details

this moment was 15 years in the making, it was a very emotional ceremoy

this groomsman means business

the bridesmaids did a great job making her laugh

We arrive early on your wedding day to get all of your details and preperations

This is my favorite part of the night, dancing with all of your crazy guests

Great looking bunch of groomsmen

Your portraits should be fun and full of laughter

We take photos of all your guests at the reception

I do destination weddings too

you spent a lot of time selecting all your details, we love to photograph them

We capture the grooms details too


The groom cheering for his new wife

Welcome to the family

Best friends from every stage of her life; preschool, grade school, highschool, college and sisters


All smiles during family portraits

They are all smiles as they sign the marriage licence

They have been married for 45 years

Moments after becoming Mr & Mrs.

Have you thought about doing a first look?

The first look can be such an intimate moment for both of you

He couldn’t keep his eyes of her… Can you blame him?

Ceremony at Honsberger Estates in Jordan Ontario

I am very discrete during the ceremony

We catch his reaction as you walk down the isle

The sweetest little flower girls (The one on the left was the flower girl at my wedding too)

Fireworks during the first dance

A little something different with the parent photos

Proud parents during the ceremony

Showing off their awesome moves

I just love how in love these two are

A sweet shot with the girls

followed by some real laughter

The M.O.H & Best Mans grand entrance

the best reception shots happen later in the evening

The first kiss

The groom as he ushers his mom and dad before the ceremony

We get the reaction of parents during the ceremony

This horse wanted to congratulate the newlyweds

A romantic embrace in the vineyards

We don’t force you to have your first dance before dinner

The flower girl thanking he guests for coming

Giving his mom a hug moments before the ceremoy

Finishing touches

I help you plan so we have lots of time for just the two of you on your wedding day

Stealing kisses

A beautiful wedding cake

They used their love of music to create an awesome card box

The bridesmaids listening to the speeches

The groomsmen listening to speeches

The bride and groom laughing at the speeches

The brides mom singing her toast


the bride and groom in the Niagara Botanical Gardens

Showing off her shoes

Sometimes I back away and let you just be in love

I love to capture real moments

I asked them to tell each other how much they love each other without saying a word…so sweet

Your never to old to hold hands

All smiles, why not they just got married

simply beautiful wedding cake

I love the cake cutting, she not so shure about it

Being entertained at the reception

No he is not referencing the size of his…. Get your mind out of the gutter

The groom surprised us all when he joined the performers on the dancefloor

The wedding party

newfoundland screech need I say more

We don’t rush you at your reception, we want to capture all the fun the night has to offer

A perfect ay for a wedding in Jamaica

The entourage

Having a blast on the dancefloor

No I don’t condone underage drinking but he was so proud to just hold it and cheers his uncle

Kids are an important part of the wedding day, we approach them naturally

Your guest got all dolled up, wouldn’t you love to give them pictures of them on your wedding day

The flower girl had so much fun at the reception

Full day coverage means we could be there for momets like this

and this

and this


Having a little fun on the dance floor

This MC got everyone up out of their seats

He’s got moves like Jagar (I think that was the song playing)

Your guests are relaxed around us, ok they get crazy with us on the dance floor